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If you’re travelling eastern countries like Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, Romania, Yugoslavia, etc. you may be familiar with the extensive use of carpets or rugs on the floor in both rich and poor households. To be honest, the magic spelled by hand-woven Turkish kilim or the captivating Persian rugs or carpet collection is totally ineffable at […]

Must Have Vape Shop Furniture Peices

The cutting edge vaporizer industry appears to see no limitations to its success in the near future. These days a number of entrepreneurs are opting to start vape shops to indulge themselves and their towns in this seemingly new trend. However, to favorably compete with the many online stores, the wise ones are spending heavily […]


Lawyer Office Decor

A law firm relies significantly on its office design. And before you dismiss this thought, consider this: most clients judge the environment in which you provide those legal services. This means your receptionist must greet them in a friendly, yet professional manner. Also, there is the need for a comfortable waiting room, and of course, […]

Cannabis Dispensary Interior Design

Experienced interior designers need to renovate a flourishing Cannabis dispensary! How often have you come across such an advertisement? More often than not, the first thing that crosses one’s mind when they hear about a Cannabis or Marijuana dispensary is a hippie crowd lurking with euphoric psyche and aesthetics in an ungroomed place. But we […]

Amazing Cannabis Décor Ideas for Your Home

So, you are a weed lover and are curious to decorate your room with cannabis décor ideas. That’s amazing! The great news is that there are plenty of designs that can help you to add impressive beauty to your interiors. Moreover, the market these days is loaded with a variety of marijuana inspired interior décor […]


Cannabis Dispensary Interior Design

There was a time when cannabis was known as the forbidden substance and people would buy it from the black-market guys on a nasty pub counter, bar, or out in the corner of a street. But the time has passed and now cannabis is legal in most of the countries. Due to the legitimization of […]

Marketing Persian Rugs Online

Running successful online rugs for sale business is more than just creating a website and listing your products. A key aspect to ensure online business success is marketing. Marketing an online business is different as compared to a brick-and-mortar business and you will need to implement certain strategies. As an owner of an online Persian […]


Antique items are a symbol of vintage-ness and appear amazingly to the eye. If you love antiques, then you would certainly have the hobby of collecting some of the best pieces. From Persian rugs to ancient bowls and from pottery to jewelry, antiquities can be found in various forms. And with time, it has become […]

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