Cannabis dispensariesThere was a time when cannabis was known as the forbidden substance and people would buy it from the black-market guys on a nasty pub counter, bar, or out in the corner of a street. But the time has passed and now cannabis is legal in most of the countries. Due to the legitimization of cannabis plant, there are a lot of legal cannabis dispensaries which are by far the prettiest shops you are ever going to see. They are more like studios where everything is kept in so sophisticated yet beautifully that it makes cannabis a really important herb. Here we have managed to pick a few cannabis dispensary interior designs. Have a detailed look below:

1. Evergreen Market
Evergreen market is among the best interior cannabis dispensaries in the USA. This one is located in Washington but very near to the Seattle airport. This recreational cannabis dispensary is like a familiar place. The owners of this cannabis dispensary have designed the whole interior for this shop. An architect who is known for working with Starbucks has laid the designed plan here. This place has a vibe of the rugged Northwest lifestyle because of the wood and steel choice. A willow gate is placed to separate the education bar from the dispensary.

2. Bridge City Collective
This cannabis dispensary is located in Oregon. The owner of this medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, David Alport has given this place a great look. He used all his knowledge from designers and artists who grew around him. He collaborated with other architectures to do the identifying, branding, and marketing of this place. It has a nice bench sitting area while the shop is more like an herbal kitchen.

Persian Rugs3. Silverpeak Apothecary
The interior of this cannabis dispensary is so relaxing that makes you want to sit around forever. This interior was designed by Tanagram Design who were tasked to make it an acceptable and socially responsible dispensary. They have used light colored wooden racks and boxes which look like a greenhouse for cannabis. The display is like a high-class lounge where wooden racks and Persian rugs are laid. Lastly, they sell cannabis on a silver platter.

4. The Apothecarium San Francisco
This facility is laced with Victorian furniture, Persian rugs, leather seating, marble countertops, and shiny crystal chandeliers. This is a high-class and luxury style. It is located in Castro district.

5. Native Roots
This one is a successful marijuana chain of store in different cities. This particular branch, however, is located in Colorado. They don’t have any fancy things like Persian rugs or chandeliers, but they have is creativity and brand recognition. They have industrial style wooden floors and metal accents. These cannabis dispensaries have custom marijuana wallpaper all over the walls.

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